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Sexual Healing

Reaching Out

As we navigate through life, sometimes we face emotional pain caused by disappointment, false expectations, or unexpected hardship. When our bodies and minds go into disarray, and we cannot find any sense of stability; we feel lost and might come to believe that we are alone. There is a place...

Life Coaching

Sexual Healing Is Possible

There are memories that were placed in a corner of the mind; that if brought up to light will bring great discomfort, or even emotional pain to those carrying those memories. Those memories are not forgotten, did not die, but were sent away for the individual to survive emotionally. The...


The Space In Between

The space in between can be one of the most challenging places to be in. It's the place you find yourself in after you've decided to do or be something but you're not there yet. Or when you made the decision to make a dream come true and are taking the first...


What Do You Choose To Believe?

We all see things a certain way. We're so used to perceiving it that way that at some point our beliefs become a universal truth for us. Just a few weeks ago I uncovered an assumption about myself that was pretty powerful. I'm not good at marketing. To understand why I believed this...


Ménage a Trois!

Do we need mineral supplements in the first place? And why as athletes, would we need supplements of Calcium, Chromium or Zinc? To first understand the difference between a vitamin and a mineral, one is virtually useless without the other. Vitamins cannot function or cannot be assimilated without the aid of minerals. And...


Visual Memory

What happens physically and psychologically when an athlete excels at his most important game, the actor surpasses any of his previous engagement and the lecturer delivers his newest theory with ease? Each instance exposes the performer's vulnerability. Thus he guards his emotions with great care. He measures every move, word, or facial expression. His...


What’s Hypnotherapy?

History of Hypnosis Hypnotic-like states have been noted since the beginning of human kind and still is observed during cultural rites, like dances, chants or music to create a certain magic and mystery. Yet, hypnosis as a science is documented as far back as the eighteenth century and was used as a beneficial tool...


Guided Imagery Facilitated By Marianne Zaugg

Interview By Tara Shore Guided imagery is a relaxation tool that eases stress as well as promotes a sense of peace and tranquility during difficult times in a person's life. Today, numerous research studies have concluded that the mind can influence the function of the body and the practice of guided imagery is beneficial...


Eat Right Lose Weight

Introducing the 5 Element Nutrition & Hypnosis System Authored by Marianne Zaugg, E. Reenah McGill The 5 Element Nutrition and Hypnosis System is a brand new approach to lose those last unwanted pounds. In this book, we look at the path of weight loss that best works for you, while bringing body...

Deep Sleep CD

Deep Sleep-Guided Imagery Series 3

Over the past years, we have explored the effects of hypnosis, guided imagery and relaxation meditation with healing music. The combination of rhythmic beats, orchestration and the timber of my voice lends to a sonic experience that allows you to enter deep relaxation, and thus healing of mind and body...

Life Coaching

Integral Life and Career Coaching

When a basketball player enters "the zone" and makes every shot he throws, the audience assumes it's due simply to raw talent. Little do they realize how much mental power it takes to actually get to that spot, and that rather than "playing out of his mind" the athlete is...

Stress Management CD

Stress Management-Guided Imagery Series 1

Over the past years, we have explored the effects of hypnosis, guided imagery and relaxation meditation with healing music. The combination of rhythmic beats, orchestration and the timber of my voice lends to a sonic experience that allows you to enter deep relaxation, and thus healing of mind and body...


The Other Side Of The Coin

When I decided in 2014 that I wanted to turn my life inside out and start following my dreams, little did I know about the obstacles I would encounter along the way. I quit my job as an elementary school and special needs teacher in Switzerland and moved with my...


Live Your Dream?

What does it really mean to live your dream? We hear it everywhere these days, it’s even on kid’s clothing: Live Your Dream! is screaming to all of us from T-shirts, mugs or decorative pillows. For me living your dream really comes down to being you and living an authentic life....


Let Your Kids Do What They Want

I believe that we all come into this world with a unique mixture of talents and passions. Let’s go back a few years when you went to school. You probably had your first experience of school at the age of five or six. After Elementary School you went to Middle/High...


How Wishes Come True

Last week there was a widespread power outage due to high winds. The power was out for over 25 hours. It’s funny how many times a day you realize over and over again how you depend on electricity. I sure missed having my morning coffee. When the evening came and everything...


How to keep going when the going gets tough

Sometimes when you're going after a dream or have a goal, it can take a while until you reach your destination. Especially big dreams can take years to fully come into fruition. How can you stay motivated though when the going gets tough and your desired outcome is not in...


10 Steps On How To Develop Grit

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? According to a study from the American psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth success is neither determined by a person’s intelligence nor one’s talent. According to her research the most important factor for success is simply to have grit. Having grit means...


Go Get What You Want

What happens when we feel it's time for a change? Some of us carry this feeling inside for a long time. We feel like we want to transition to a different job, become self-employed, move to a different country or buy a house. So many of us have dreams about how...


Choose How You Feel

I used to get angry when I read things like "you can choose how you feel". I felt I was a victim of my emotions for many years. Today I’m grateful that I learned a couple of tricks how to master my emotions even when circumstances seem difficult. There is a lot...