Creative Therapy Practitioners

Sada Simran

Sada Simran, PhD, LMFT

Dr. Sada Simran, Licensed MFT, works with clients to define their transformational path, building a healthier and a happier self. Her approach is creative and playful! She combines visual art, movement, music, sound, writing and talk therapy to facilitate the expression of feelings and transformation. With 20 years of experience, her work includes anything from addiction to relationships, as well as career, health, spiritual and wellness support. Though creative expression, she breaks through the self-defeating habits and limiting beliefs to then create and embrace the best version and a new view of life.

Intentional behavior changes are met by establishing goals and using the creative process to achieve them; gaining perspective on sensitive life issues; deepening personal awareness; and experiencing support to improve specific skills.

Dr. Sada will assist with meeting the challenges and adversity of life with a new attitude in ways that are fun and playful. Are you ready?